• get outdoors
  • an hour on the trail
  • connecting with nature
  • a few days in the woods
  • spending time outdoors

Spending time in our natural environment can have multiple health benefits. It can elevate our mood, lower blood pressure, and fight anxiety and depression. It can bring calm into our stressful lives. Nature’s restorative effects are available to people of all ages and fitness levels.     

Summer brings many opportunities to get outdoors, enjoy natural surroundings, and support our health. As you plan your next break, explore these resources that can help you stay healthy and safe during the summer season.

Outdoor Recreation and Safety

  • listen to nature
  • missouri state parks
  • outdoors
  • mo fish advisory
  • tick-borne diseases
  • harmful algal blooms

Summer Weather and Sun Safety

  • hyperthermia and heat stress prevention
  • cooling centers
  • aeroallergens
  • heat and health tracker
  • melanoma dashboard

Healthy at Home or Away

  • carbon monoxide
  • radon
  • storms
  • missouri grown
  • community gardening
  • Carbon Monoxide - prevent carbon monoxide poisoning while vacationing, boating or grilling
  • Radon - if your windows are closed this summer, it may be an ideal time to test for radon
  • Storms - recover after a storm or flood
  • Missouri Grown - find fresh, local and delicious Missouri-grown foods and fun
  • Community Gardening - create a community garden free of environmental contaminants

missouri department of conservation - discover nature

Additional Resources:

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

Missouri Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) is a program within the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. EPHT is part of a larger initiative to establish Environmental Public Health Tracking systems at the national and state levels.

Environmental Public Health Tracking