Water Quality

Water is vital to our health. The Missouri EPHT program works closely with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and other organizations to ensure there is clean water for drinking, recreation, tourism, and continued economic growth.

Public drinking water in Missouri is routinely tested for chemicals and bacteria. Individuals can have their private drinking water well tested by going through the local health department or by contacting the State Public Health Laboratory.

Annually, the DHSS and the Missouri Department of Conservation test fish statewide for contaminants. DHSS then interprets the test results, issues advisories, and publishes fish consumption recommendations for the Missouri Fish Advisory.

About 88 percent of Missourians are served by public water systems.

DHSS recommends testing your private drinking water well periodically.

All recreational water can have bacteria in it that can make you sick if you swallow it.

Whether you are taking advantage of one of Missouri’s wonderful natural bodies of water or enjoying a day at a pool, spa, or water park, you can stay safe and healthy by following the recommendations provided in our ‘Swim Safe, Stay Healthy’, ‘Healthy Swimming’, and ‘Blue-Green Algae’ brochures.

For more information, contact the Department of Health and Senior Service's Bureau of Environmental Epidemiology, at (573) 751-6102.

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