Health, Environment and Community Profiles

The Health, Environment and Community Profiles report provides useful statistics and public health information for the most populated cities and all counties in the state of Missouri. Each profile includes key indicators of health, environment, and community & infrastructure outcomes, which describe the health status of the local community and provide a snapshot of current living conditions within the area. These measures are a new and developing area of community health, looking beyond common population demographics to provide a more complete picture of the local community.

Missouri’s average community has five times more fast food restaurants than places selling fresh produce.

Did you know, 29.6 percent of Missouri households spend one-third of their income on housing?

Currently, 7.4 percent of Missouri households have no access to a vehicle.

Measures include health outcomes, environment, crime statistics, access to healthy food, and other basic infrastructure information. When used together, they can provide a glimpse of community culture, structure, and opportunities for change. Note that the process of creating a Health, Environment and Community Profile is relatively new and that profiles do not imply a relationship between indicators and outcomes. Also, due to various challenges in obtaining data on a specific indicator, some profiles may not be comprehensive. When more information becomes available, the profiles will be revised and updated accordingly.

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